This month’s hero is Nikki

hero-nikkiA little about Nikki, she is a 10 year old girl who LOVES animals, which is funny as she was afraid of dogs as a toddler. What turned this around was when her grandmother adopted two rescue puppies, Patchoule and Frankie. These two puppies are not just pets to her family, they ARE family.
When Nikki was turning 9 she was asked what she wanted for her upcoming birthday. She would think long and hard about this and she always came back with ‘I don’t know…a St. Bernard?’ – Which was out of the question as she lives in an apartment building. Her mother than telling her about a non-profit her friend was working with by the name of HPHP. She listened to what HPHP was all about and what stuck with her is that pets should not be eating people food, they should have food THEY need. Nikki then asked her mother if she could donate animal food to HPHP to help the animals in need. In the quest for a unique birthday idea her mother mentioned hosting a food drive where they could ask neighbors, friends and family for donations. Nikki then decided she would like to ask her friends to bring animal food to her birthday party instead of presents for her. Her friends thought it was great to bring animal food and animal toys to Nikki’s birthday party at the YMCA. Nikki’s 9th birthday was a hit. So much so that her friends started to have HPHP birthdays as well!

Nikki will be 10 this year and has been planning her HPHP birthday since the day after her 9th birthday. Nikki has asked her school to do a food drive for HPHP and has also asked local shops to put up boxes in their stores for her birthday food drive. She is so excited to see what is collected and to help bring these donations to the homes of animals in need.