The Never Ending Story of Madison Charlotte Weeks

madisonMadison Charlotte Weeks was born on June 23, 2006. Her parents, Rob and Lori, could not have been more proud of their beautiful daughter. As Maddi grew up everyone could tell that she was one – of – a – kind. She talked very early and could hold intelligent conversation before she was two years old. She was bubbly and outgoing and would light up a room when she came into it. She made sure she was the center of attention but nobody minded giving her the spotlight because she was so gracious even while showing off. She had a way with animals from a very young age and as soon as she could tell us what she wanted to be when she grew up she knew unwaveringly that she would be a veterinarian. She was known for rescuing caterpillars, helping baby birds find their way back to their nests and trying to domesticate butterflies. Maddi exuded love and happiness. You couldn’t help but smile when you saw her because her overflowing joy in seeing you was contagious.

Around the time Madison was 3, her cousin Charlie was a Marine and was deployed overseas. Madison saw how sad everyone was that he had to leave and even at such a young age this deeply affected her. This is when we really understood the depth of Madison’s character. She started walking up to complete strangers… with our permission, of course.. who were wearing military uniforms and thanking them for their service.   She made many a tough soldier tear up with her sincere gratitude for their sacrifices. She would, without any prompting, tell random women that they were “so pretty.” Her Mama would ask her why did she tell her that and she would say, “well it’s nice to tell someone if they are pretty. It makes them happy.” Madison loved making others smile and she was quite skilled at doing just that.

Maddi loved to give back. In 2011 Madison’s little sister Carly was born, prematurely. She was 8 weeks early. Carly is now a healthy, smart, beautiful 3 year old who loves to dance and loves her big sister. The experience we, as a family, went through was incredibly difficult and scary but when things settled down we looked for a way to give back to those that helped us through this hard time and who had worked to find ways to help babies born as early as Carly was. We decided on The March of Dimes and Maddi was more than on board, she was the conductor! She loved sharing our story and telling people about The March of Dimes. Also in 2011 Maddi discovered the story of Alex’s Lemonade Stand. We read the book written about little Alex who sadly lost her battle with cancer but had raised incredible amounts of money by holding lemonade stands for cancer research. Maddi was moved and was compelled to help. She cried and cried thinking about little children that were sick and dying. So we held a lemonade stand that year in the rain. She, Carly, her Daddy and I all sat out there for several hours and raised a lot of money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. She did so again, the following year and the year after that she donated all her lemonade money to a homeless shelter in Portsmouth, NH.

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